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    We are extremely happy with our new hot tub cover. The price was reasonable and the shipping was extremely fast. Looks great even if there is no duct tape on it. Thanks


    Rod and Shannon
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Why use Spa Thermal Blanket?

This floating Thermal Blanket is one of the best little investments you can make.   Using a thermal blanket under your hard cover will drastically increase the insulation value specially in a cold Canadian weather.   By using spa cover and thermal blanket in conjunction, you will maximize heat retention.   The hard cover keeps the cold air out and the thermal blanket keeps the heat in the water.   It works on the same concept as a double pane window. 

  • 1. It reduces heat loss from evaporation 
  • 2. It provides extra insulation on top of spa cover 
  • 3. It inhibits spa cover from steam absorption 

Tips: You cut the blanket to the same size and shape as the water surface of your spa hot tub.