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    We received the cover. Very nice. Perfect fit. Good price. We will be sure to pass your company name on.


    Melanie & Derek
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Safety Standard


Why our spa cover is more Energy Efficient?

Continue Corner Skirt  —
The continue corner skirt ensures no heat escape and maximum energy saving compared to other cheap covers on the market with a split skirt.

Vacuum Sealed Vapour Wrap —
This technology removes air from inside the wrap. It's capable of keeping moisture off the foam and is the best protection for freezing damage in harsh Canadian winter.

Moisture-resistant underside  —
The moisture-resistant underside turns the steam back into the water. It prevents waterlogging cover and also enhances water saving.

Hinge Steam Stoppers —
The hinge end pillow and overlap skirt flap are essential features to ensure minimum heat escape and maximize energy saving.